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The only God there is, is the God above God | De-Addction in New Delhi-NCR

At times in our quest for spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God as we understand Him, we forget that any concept, image, or belief we have of God is incomplete. No matter how great the mind that contemplates God, the image is dim indeed. A candle, to the moth that is drawn to it, may be the brightest light in the universe, but it is a dim imitation of the sun.

Our quest for God always needs to be restless. Not in the sense of frustration and a denial of serenity, but in the sense of understanding that our God is so great that the security and joy we can find in seeking God has no end. Not because we are so small, but because God is so great. A man at a meeting said he’d read that the light of stars we see in the night sky is light that started in our direction from 400,000 light years away. “All that distance,” he said, “is like a marble in the hand of God. So who am I to think I can understand a Being so great as He?”

Through consistent conscious contact, the God of my understanding is more clearly revealed every day of my life.

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