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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Fear is a killer. It is a killer because it drains us of life, energy and

creativity. Fear petrifies the human spirit.

I spent a lot of yesterday's afraid. Afraid of people finding out. Afraid of the telephone. Afraid of where it would all end. Afraid of me! I did not realize that I was feeding the fear with my behavior. I drank myself into fear. The day I stopped drinking alcohol was the day I stopped giving energy to my fear.

Today I live my life without abnormal or unrealistic fears. Today I

enjoy my life. I work through my problems. I am not afraid of my

shadow. Today I love me.

Lord may I always connect my unrealistic fears with my behavior

and begin the change.

Tow types of fears

1 Known


1 Exmapel: I know my car petrol is finished some K.M . This is known fear.

2 Exempil: I Unknow my car tire puncture some K.M. This is Unknow.


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