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Updated: Jan 27

The Steps ask us to take responsibility for our choices and their consequences. We let go of denial. We can look the world in the eye without shame.


The Steps guide us to live spiritually by helping us “keep our side of the street clean.” We begin in Step Four by taking an honest inventory of things that are blocking us. In Step Five we “come clean” by sharing this inventory. Many of us can admit our character defects to ourselves and our Higher Power, but it can be much harder to admit to another person. This takes a lot of courage and humility.

In Steps Six and Seven we ask our Higher Power to remove these defects. In Steps Eight and Nine we list people we’ve harmed and begin to make amends to them all. Even people with years in recovery practice Step Ten, which guides us to perform a daily inventory and make prompt amends.

As we work these Steps, we must remember that making mistakes is human. We are seeking progress, not perfection. Are there any amends you still need to make? Ask your Higher Power for the courage to move forward with amends. Then talk with your sponsor to get started.

Thought for the Day

“The elevator is broken. Please use the Steps.”


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