Focus on Family: The rehabilitation specialists at Awareness don’t simply restrict their focus on the patients only. The team of rehab experts and psychologists offer family programs to educate the family members about different addiction problems that further enables them to offer effective treatment to the addicts.


Committed and Accredited Team Members: No matter what you do make sure that you pick a luxury rehab center that has hired both accredited and committed members in their team. The Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, nurses, CBT experts, music therapist and other staff members at

Multiple Specialties : As the leading alcohol & drug addiction rehab center, Awareness Rehabilitation Centre offers multiple treatment options and specialties such as Continuing Care Program, Eating Disorder Treatment, Program for Male , Adolescent Addiction Treatment and Food Addiction Treatment among others.


High Rate of Success: The higher the rate of success in terms of patient count and overall results, the higher would be the rehab center’s rating. Here again, Awareness Rehabilitation Centre with a success rate of 98 percent is a clear winner, which eventually makes it an ideal destination for best treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.


Focuses on Underlying Problems: The counselors and rehab experts at Awareness focus on treating the underlying problem or issues of an addict. Many people who get addicted to drugs, alcohol or even gambling often face underlying mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, which are fully addressed at the rehab center.


Individual and Group Therapies: Another reason why Awareness is the best rehabilitation center in the world is because of its ability to offer different therapies to drug, alcohol, food and gambling addicts. The psychologists at Sanctum offer individual one on one therapy, group therapy, yoga therapy, and even relapse prevention to treat patients adequately.


Sanctum are highly professional and dedicated towards their respective roles and duties at the centre.


Leadership: It takes great leadership qualities to build the right team and a reputed rehab centre. At Awareness, the leadership team has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of drug & alcohol addiction treatment, program and recovery. They focus on creating programs and offering the best facilities to help patients achieve de-addiction comfortably.


On-going Support: Rehabilitation does not end with treatment alone. Awareness Rehabilitation Centre offers on-going support, counselling, and therapies that ensure that the addiction problem in patients does not relapse.


Excellent Facilities: Yet another reason why Awareness is perfect for rehabilitation treatment is the fact that the center offers excellent facilities and amenities to its patients from all across the globe. Patients are offered luxury private roomes, nutritious meal and a host of other facilities, activities, and therapies that help them to recover quickly.


Accredited to government: If you need top-notch treatment and facilities to treat your addiction problems, then it is advisable that you opt for Awareness Rehabilitation. The centre is a government accredited luxury rehab centre that is renowned for offering best in class treatment options and amenities to patients from all walks of life.

Awareness Rehabilitation Center after alcoholics and drug dependent patients of different kinds, of both sexes and all ages.

We primarily follows the Twelve Step programme empowering intensive reflection, study, clean living and exercise; free of all use of alcohol and/or narcotics drugs.

In order to lodge different religious principles and also those who are atheists and agnostics, we at Awareness Rehabilitation Center endorse a widely acceptable and secular approach.

This approach has made us one of the most sought after De-addiction centre in Delhi / NCR.

Some Confidential alcohol and drugs free life turning points of our Rehabilitation Centre.

Awareness Rehabilitation Centre in Noida / Ghaziabad Google Highly rated because  We only focus on dedicated counseling and Yoga/Meditation and 12 steps program.

During Awareness events about addiction, I see rehabs staff and even the director didn't have any knowledge about the exact treatment many programs, and I really don't know how families believe in that kind of rehab.

This is the reason we open this Rehabilitation Centre in Noida/Ghaziabad "India" because Addicts need proper guidance and support (Love Care and Concern) Program depends on case to case*.

In India, the recovery rate is very low because addicts not get a comfortable zone which is very important for them to work on them self.

Confidentiality and privacy

Here at Awareness Rehabilitation Centre in Noida / Ghaziabad / Delhi NCR "India", We cover almost 98 % recovery rate.

Counseling and Yoga-Meditation sessions every day.

Highly Experienced Counselor / Qualified Staff and Top Psychiatrists.
Compromised 24×7 care for your loved ones

We have the India s Best Team of  Delhi/ Noida / Ghaziabad / NCR.

Top Most Counselors, Top Most Psychologist and Doctors ETC.Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida/Ghaziabad/Delhi/India, Rehabilitation Center in Noida/Ghaziabad/Delhi/India.