What is Marijuana Induced Psychosis?

Marijuana or cannabis is a depressant drug that induces psychosis. Marijuana has 400 chemical compounds including over 60 cannabinoids contributing the psychopharmacological effects, leading to psychosis. People using cannabis can suffer from psychosis easily than those who don’t use it. The compound called THC (tetra hydro cannabinoid) found in marijuana interferes with the brain’s ability and can worsen psychotic symptoms in people who are already experiencing psychosis. Long term use of cannabis may increase the risk of schizophrenia. The debate on marijuana can trigger psychosis continues. New researches are going on this topic.


Marijuana induced psychosis patient suffer positive and negative symptoms.


Positive Symptoms

  • Hallucination

  • Delusion

  • Feeling of paranoia

  • Disorganized speaking and thinking


Negative Symptoms

  • Decreasing motivation, talking and ability to initiate

  • Difficulty in expressing emotion

  • Unable to concentrate


Other Symptoms

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleeplessness



Noticing any negative or positive symptom, we advise you to consult a psychosis treatment centre. At Awareness Foundation, we promise to offer the best quality treatment of this condition. Patients get good recovery if psychosis is detected early and treated in time.

Our team of well-experienced psychiatrists offer rehabilitation program to recover from the illness. They wisely combine psychosocial intervention (like rehab and counselling) and antipsychotic medication for the best treatment. We educate family to provide emotional and social support so that quick recovery can be possible. We customize rehabilitation programs to offer quality services. That is why our recovery rate is high.

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