There are certain behavioural emergencies when mental health professionals need to extend a helping hand. Home visiting is necessary:

When the person won’t come to visit psychiatrists (unwell/relapsing) or can’t come to visit psychiatrists (e.g. poor mobility, severe agoraphobia, negative symptoms), to encourage engagement, and to assess the home environment/family/risks.

Symptoms and conditions behind psychiatric emergencies may include attempted suicide, substance dependence, alcohol intoxication, acute depression, presence of delusions, violence, panic attacks, and significant, rapid changes in behaviour. Emergency psychiatry exists to identify and/or treat these symptoms and psychiatric conditions. A nurse’s or Mental Health Professional’s ability to identify and intervene with these conditions is critical.

You can call Awareness Foundation at the Emergency number provided and we will expedite a home visit or Rescue Service to escort patient to the facility after completion of certain formalities and preliminary workup.