Frequently Asked Questions

Drug Abuse and Drug Misuse – what is the difference?
Drug abuse would be to use drugs for recreational purposes or for the purposes of getting
high.Misuse comprises of uses to gain unfair competitive advantage e.g. use of steroids in
competitive sports

What are the harmful effects on brain and personality?
Drug abuse often results in addiction by making the user chemically dependent on the
surviving physiological effects and/or the hormones it cases to be released. An addict, when
restricted against the use of drugs, often experiences extreme anxiety and/or gets

What are the effects of Drug Abuse on Sports and Driving?
Certain drugs have been found to enhance physical performance and hence end up being
used by sportsmen (often illegally). Most intoxicating drugs impair reflexes and motor senses
by limiting the ability of medulla oblongata this making driving dangerous.How Do I Get ready for Rehab? Questions around rehab - How do I prepare? Although programs change fiercely, rehab is for the most part a noteworthy commitment of time and assets that will affect numerous angles of your life and those of your adored ones. It is vital that you just take the correct steps some time recently you enter rehab to guarantee that you just can center on recuperation without stressing approximately what is going on at home. You will got to consider such things as work and family commitments, money related and legitimate free closes, having the basics, getting a charge out of the company of adored ones, and relaxing.


Why Does Rehab Have a Stigma?


The media and numerous people propagate a number of generalizations around compulsion and its treatment. Most of these generalizations are entirely unwarranted and colossally unfair. A basic step for numerous who look for treatment is to overcome this shame and continue with getting the assistance they ought to move forward their lives and those of their adored ones.

Rehabilitation Center Services 

Doctors and staff availability 24*7 care

 Experienced and qualified staff

 Activities and programs

 Physiotherapists and psychiatrists

 Higher recovery rate in addiction treatment

 Post-treatment health support

 Confidentiality and privacy

 Counseling or one to one Counseling and meditation sessions everyday

 Customized plans for different addicts

Nasha Mukti Kendra is a DE-addiction and Rehabilitation Center in Noida/Ghaziabad/Delhi  , India for N.A. and A.A. that has been successfully assisting addicts who seek to reform and improve their lifestyle since 2008. We work in a joint efforts to give our patients the most ideal treatment and support.

We provides consultancy to addicts and their families, and help them get into the best de-addiction program as per their requirements and provide assistance in getting rid of all kinds of addictions.

Nasha Mukti Kendra has qualified and reputed psychiatrists and physiotherapists, along with qualified staff, who have a specific end goal, i.e. eradication of harmful addictions.

There are a range of various services available, such as Counseling, Detoxification, Nutritional support, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Therapeutic services, etc.

Followings are the various services and treatments that we

De-Addiction Treatment

It provides the right motivation and direction to curb this habit.

Detoxification Treatment

It is the most important for recovering.

Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

It is necessary for the addict to get the right treatment.

Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment

We provide to addicts who require it exclusively.

Yoga for Addiction and Depression

It is necessary to have a healthy mind and keep depression under control

Tobacco De-Addiction Treatment

It is a slow process that requires exclusive participation

Treatment for mental health

We have a separate facilities and environment for such addicts

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center

Medical specialty for this kind of problems">

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