cocain addiction


Do you know that India is one of the largest exporter of cocaine? Do you know tolerance to cocaine addiction develops quickly and it has ability to create the greatest psychological dependence than any other drug?

In India, cocaine has become a status symbol. Due to its high price tag, it is famous among rich urban elite Indians.

Without knowing the side-effects cocaine, more and more corporate workers and teenage youth are using cocaine, majority of them are suffering from cocaine addiction.


It is a highly addictive recreational drug that is either a white crystalline powder or an off-white chunky substance. It is snorted (inhaled through nose), smoked and injected into the bloodstream. The drug greatly affects the nervous system by increasing the dopamine level that stimulates key pleasure centres in the brain and lead to extremely heightened euphoria.

Tolerance to cocaine develops soon and the addict gradually increases the dose to get a similar high.

Symptoms & Risks

  • Snorting cocaine can cause: loss of the sense of smell, hoarseness and swallowing difficulty.

  • Increasing the dose can cause: Anxiety, restlessness, irritability and paranoia.

  • Cocaine dependency can cause: heart problems, respiratory effects, nervous system problems, digestive problems, serious skin infections and contracting HIV or other deadly diseases.

  • Cocaine abuse can lead to unpredicted behavioural changes

  • It can be fatal too

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Awareness FOUNDATION in India is treating a large number of cocaine addicts from India and neighbouring countries at an affordable price. A large number of patients after receiving treatment from Awareness FOUNDATION are leading a drug free life. We have effective and customized treatment plans for cocaine abusers. Each patient is first analysed at our rehab centre by a team of experienced psychologists and doctors. According to the severity of addiction, we recommend outpatient and inpatient treatment options.

Medicines are recommended and continuous monitoring of withdrawal symptoms is done. Technically, we work on control, treatment and support, all these three things. Cognitive behaviour therapy is initiated to develop skills to stay away from the drug abuse. Family education is provided to create a positive environment in all aspects for rapid improvement. Laughter therapy, social therapy and Yoga and other holistic approaches are considered during treatment, to stabilize the life of addicts.